The New Era of Software

The only successful companies in the near future are the ones that embrace innovation. Companies need to continuously innovate or risk dying. In today's society, innovation has become synonymous with software and we have witness how software-led innovation has grown exponentially over the years. Companies that have traditionally relied on brick-and-mortar presence are increasingly aware of how software and technology are disrupting the market and the numerous benefits it brings to an organisation such as lower costs, increased in productivity, better customer experience, among others.

"Software is eating the world" - Marc Andreessen

Faster Software Delivery is the Key to Business Success

Creating sophisticated and scalable software has always been a challenge with companies. The lack of expertises, cost of engineering resources and technical knowledge are just some of the reasons that they struggle with in delivering a viable software product. To overcome these challenges, companies are beginning to outsource their software development activities to software vendors. As such finding a competent and reliable software partner is critical and key to any business success.

Software Delivery with Agile

Dtal is made up of people who care about the products and projects they deliver. Our multidisciplinary team of product experts, engineers and designers are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver any large-scaled and complex software solutions. We cover the full software development life cycle, from discovery to build and delivery across different platforms. As an expert in Agile methodologies and Scrum practices, we strived to deliver the first version of your idea in 2 weeks.

Traditional software delivery model disengages the customer from the development process and only allow them to preview the product very late in the development cycle. In this model, all the requirement of the software has to be specified upfront. Any changes to the product functionality during development are almost impossible, even if its achievable, it would be very difficult, risky and extremely expensive.

Dtal deliver products in faster cycles, producing product increments regularly and allowing quick testing of ideas with customers using Agile iterative approach. While emphasizing speed, we also advocates solid Agile engineering practices that are at the heart of agility in any sustainable development setting. We understand for a product to remain competitive, it has to respond quickly to changes in the market. Therefore we allow our clients to introduce changes to the product requirement at any stage of the development process. We involved our client in every steps of the development process and collaborate closely to ensure the end product matches the intended outcome. This ensures faster delivery of a more customer centric solution that reaches your customer first before the competitors do.

Discovery workshop + Software Delivery

Combined with our product discovery, we have successfully executed both small and large scaled projects. Our discovery workshop helps to tranform ideas into concrete actionable plan that aligns with business goals, ready to commence software development in rapid 1 or 2 week iterations using Agile practices.

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Agile Training

Dtal provides transformational training that not only teaches skills and practices, but changes the mind-set that is fundamental to Agile and Scrum.Triples the value of innovation with Agile practises

Product Discovery

Dtal runs multidisciplinary workshops that transform ideas into ready to execute backlog aligned with business outcomes and lean strategy.Uncover business opportunities and hidden risks with our discovery workshops

Business Validation

Dtal helps customers validate their business idea by providing means of placing testable solutions in front of customers quickly. This we do by means of Design Sprint as well as Lean Start-up combined with rapid Agile delivery of working software.Validating your ideas improve your product market success

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