Delivering Products with Intended Outcome

We know that getting early feedback is essential in innovation. Quick rounds of experimentation drive new product creation.

93% of Digital disruptive businesses believe that we must be prepared to experiment and fail quickly on the road to success. - Exploiting the Software Advantage, Freedom Dynamics 2015

Ideas being stagnant is a very common challenge

Sometimes ideas stagnate due to cultural differences – expectations of upfront planning, scheduling and budgeting in a very traditional way, while ideas need further development in iterative manner.

Sometimes ideas get tangled organizationally with many related requirements and stakeholders being involved with points of view that lack alignment.

Another form of stagnant idea is something that is not thought through from customer perspective- thus lacking convincing story.

Ideas can also be so big that finding a way to get into rapid iterations seems impossible.

Even in small teams ideas can get tangled when there is lack of concrete clarity, thus making progress in practical demonstrable way impossible.

There are also instances where determined work is being done to research and analyse ideas into innovations often leading into analyses paralyses.

When new concepts hit one or more of the above situations, we have repeatedly seen both small start-ups and major enterprises end up sitting with their innovative ideas for months, investing their internal effort and time, yet making no concrete progress.

Making Ideas Alive

Dtal has created a very intensive and rapid process to address all of the above situations through a short workshop that produces:

Discovery workshop
Discovery workshop
  • Clarity of first things to do, and backlog supporting that work We can start concrete work immediately
  • Alignment of goals and drivers for the innovation All disciplines can work together towards common goal
  • We have overall view of staged approach building up the idea into concrete innovation We can establish budget, timelines aligned with key outcomes
  • We will have people and customer centric thinking driving what we do Customer value and experience is in the front and centre of a compelling story that materializes the innovation

Dtal runs workshops where Ideas are transformed into Innovations that are ready to execute. Workshop can be run in one or two day format depending on the scale and nature of the idea at hand.

Instead of spending internal time and investment working on ideas, customer can engage Dtal team to collaborate and collectively create alignment behind a concrete actionable plan driving business outcomes, with customer centric perspective built in, inclusive of budgetary and timeline understanding of a realistic execution just within a few days.

"There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it" - Charles F. Kettering

Workshop utilizes analyses, information and knowledge the team around the idea has gathered and possesses, and then deepens the understanding of it from multiple angles, including people, business and technology. Story telling techniques are used to introduce people and customer perspective as a core lens that drives linking aspects of the idea together in a way that serves the intended purpose. Workshop then establishes a map that is driven by outcomes and is the bases for backlog. As part of the collaboration visuals are produced that help make ideas concrete.

"When workshop is combined with development sprint, Dtal turns Ideas into first version in two weeks."

Expect participation in work and deep engagement

When compared to traditional consulting, these workshops are driven by actual results leading to building products in iterative agile manner, allowing for lean enterprise and lean start-up strategies to be used. To reach to this point workshop focuses on participation and collaboration throughout and does not include any traditional presentations or talks.

Making ideas alive is not about making another set of Power Point slides, but getting the idea into concrete build – measure – learn loop quickly.

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