Agile Transformation

The Agile movement has gained massive momentum in recent years. Organization recognised the benefits Agile brings such as cost and risk reduction, higher transparency, improvement in team morale and work quality among others. Despite the widespread popularity of Agile, many people still have misconception that it is a framework used strictly for software development only. Agile is much more than that, it is a set of values and principles that can be applied to organization of any type to transform their traditional rigid way of thinking and working into more flexible and collaborative nature.

Dtal helps organizations to shift from 'Doing Agile' to 'Being Agile' to empower them to take opportunities of rapid disruption.

"Doing Agile is just a first step; being agile needs to have a totally different mindset, and multidimensional perspectives." - Pearl Zhu, author of digital agility

Agile Transformation with Dtal

Dtal understands that the responsibility of adopting Agile mindset and practices does not fall squarely on the development team alone. Agile transformation requires coordinated effort and commitment from people of all levels. Everyone from executive to management level has to participate in the practice of Agile to ensure its success.

From our experience, lack of management support and overcoming traditional mindset were some of the most common reasons for Agile adoption failure. Dtal works within organizations and teams by coaching and embedding into the teams to make Agile transformation happen together with people involved in all aspects of the work from idea to delivery. Because Dtal has had experience dealing with organizations of different structure, we understand the challenges and struggle most organizations faced in an attempt to become Agile.

Avoid massive launch

Organization typically believes that massive effort has to be orchestrated for Agile transformation to take place. They attempt to restructure teams, introduce new chain of command, change designations and hire employees with Agile knowledge in an effort to get into Agile momentumn. However we believe that successful Agile adoption should always start small and often begins with IT and then spread to other functions.

Dtal carry out preparatory work to understand the organization structure, process and problematic areas. We conduct Agile training to equip the team with the right Agile mindset and principles. From the training, we then proceed to select a team, coach and walk them through Agile rituals to get them familiarize with Agile practices. The selected team will share their experiences, techniques and insights to different functional areas in the organization.

Scrum process

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Product Discovery

Dtal runs multidisciplinary workshops that transform ideas into ready to execute backlog aligned with business outcomes and lean strategy.Uncover business opportunities and hidden risks with our discovery workshops

Agile Training

Dtal provides transformational training that not only teaches skills and practices, but changes the mind-set that is fundamental to Agile and Scrum.Triples the value of innovation with Agile practises

Business Validation

Dtal helps customers validate their business idea by providing means of placing testable solutions in front of customers quickly. This we do by means of Design Sprint as well as Lean Start-up combined with rapid Agile delivery of working software.Validating your ideas improve your product market success

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