We help businesses and entrepreneurs to move from talking and thinking about ideas of innovation, disruption and change to riding the wave and actually building into solutions and software that people love.

Product Discovery

Dtal runs multidisciplinary workshops that transform ideas into ready to execute backlog aligned with business outcomes and lean strategy.Uncover business opportunities and hidden risks with our discovery workshops

Software Delivery

Dtal designs and delivers software projects in rapid 1 or 2 week iterations using Agile practices that multiply the efficiency and speed of innovation.Get first version within 2 weeks and test it's actual value

Agile Training

Dtal provides transformational training that not only teaches skills and practices, but changes the mind-set that is fundamental to Agile and Scrum.Triples the value of innovation with Agile practises

Agile Transformation

Dtal works within organizations and teams by coaching and embedding into the teams to make Agile transformation happen together with people involved with all aspects of the work from idea to delivery.Increase productivity and iterate faster with Agile

Business Validation

Dtal helps customers validate their business idea by providing means of placing testable solutions in front of customers quickly. This we do by means of Design Sprint as well as Lean Start-up combined with rapid Agile delivery of working software.Validating your ideas improve your product market success


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