Business Validation

What is the ingredient that go into building almost every successful business? Is it time, domain knowledge, experience, network, funding or other resources? The truth is there is no correlation between success and any of those factors mentioned. On the contrary, these factors are mental trap that deters any business owner and aspiring entrepreneurs from starting any business or validating an idea.

Challenges of starting a business

The real challenge of starting a business is in validating an idea, how to reduce the risk to the lowest when testing the idea for market acceptance. The purpose of validation is to give you relative certainty on the viability of your idea. For an idea to be successful, it has to be useful. An idea that helps people to solve real problems almost always translate to successful business.

Dtal helps customers validate their business idea by providing means of placing testable solutions in front of customers quickly. This we do by means of Design Sprint as well as Lean Start-up combined with rapid Agile delivery of working software.

Scrum process

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Agile Transformation

Dtal works within organizations and teams by coaching and embedding into the teams to make Agile transformation happen together with people involved with all aspects of the work from idea to delivery.Increase productivity and iterate faster with Agile

UX/UI Design

Dtal works in customer centric manner where customer story telling is used as a foundation for design and where visualizations are brought in early in collaborative setting to drive rapid cycles of ideation and leading to end-to-end Agile delivery.Delight your user and deliver a more customer centric user experience

Software Delivery

Dtal designs and delivers software projects in rapid 1 or 2 week iterations using Agile practices that multiply the efficiency and speed of innovation.Get first version within 2 weeks and test it's actual value

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